What you should know about piercing jewellery


When it comes to piercing jewellery, you cannot run short of them. This is because there are many different types of them and they all look stunning when you have them on. This article is all about the jewellery piercings for you to sample and learn a thing about them.

Ball closure rings

This is one of the piercing jewellery that you will find among people who prefer the ball shaped types of piercings. They are common and popular with the trendsetters.


This is another type that you will find people having on their various parts of the body.

Other examples without going into specifics include:

  • Banana bells
  • Ear stretching jewellery
  • Navel jewellery
  • Nose studs
  • Circular barbells
  • Body spirals
  • Etc

As you will have discovered from the descriptive names, they are all given names as per the shape and sometimes where they are pierced on the body such as the nose studs for the ears and the navel jewellery for the navel. There is however so much that you will need to know about the piercing jewellery.

Choose according to type

If you want jewellery, it is highly advisable that you choose according to type. They are all classified according to types so you cannot afford to generalize things. If for instance you need the navel jewelry, then you should go under the types of navel piercing rather then just piercing without specifying. This will help to narrow your search and get the appropriate jewellery that you are looking for.

Know size

However good a jewel piercing is, it must go according to the size of the body part that you want pierced. This is because such kind of piercing will be the embodiment of you; if you have a small anti-tragus for instance and you wear a large piecing, you may end up looking awkward. Other people tend to crowd  this part of the ear with unnecessary jewels such that you end looking loaded; just keep it simple and have advice from those in the know. It will save you so much later rather than having to cope with burdening weight of jewellery.


It is important that you get treated after having the piercing jewellery. Both the tool and the area to be pierced should be in clean condition and disinfected if necessary. As such, you should ensure that you maintain highest level of hygiene as possible.


It is important that you get professional services if you intend to have the jewellery. This is important as some people will attest to you. There have been reports of people who have suffered so much pain and incurred after getting pierced by people who lack the requisite experience when it comes to the handling of the piercing.

There are many piercing shops available where this kind of work is offered at a professional level. Do not risk it at all y going at the cheap backwater areas.


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