What to consider in baby ear piercing


Babies-and especially the girls-need to be pierced in the ears for purposes of putting the earrings in the ears. This is the best tome for baby ear piercing when the cartilage has not yet developed to cause the resistance witnessed in adults. As you will find out, the ears of children are soft and as such, the needle will easily go through. The pain will be minimal when done at the right age and where the person doing it observes the highest level of safety.


The DIY baby ear piercing will call for a number of things. To start with, ensure that you have the ear piercing kit at home. In the kit, you will need a hollow needle, antiseptic and a small cork. The drill may also be used but this should only be done on baby ear piercing if you know how to go about it; if you not, stick to the needle. The needles come in different sizes depending on the person. A young girl will obviously require a small needed because the lobe is small. A big piercing may not be idea, just as a small one may not work when you want to slip in the earring or piece of jewerly.

The cork is fitted on the side of the ear canal so as to protect it when carrying out the baby ear piercing. The child will be delicate unlike the adult, so one false move and you may cause pain, swelling, an allergic reaction and a host of many other problems. Having this in mind will help you to make the best move that will safeguard the interest of the child who may not even be aware of what is being done to them.

Closing of the piercing

Some people do the ear piercing but soon after neglect it such that the flesh grows back and once the child grows up, the piercing has to be re-done. This can be prevented by first ensuring that you have jewerly ready or the earring. The baby ear piercing calls for the same attention as adults. The child is growing pretty fast so you need to ensure that you look at it to ensure that it fits the jewellery well or the earring and that no tissue grows back.


The skin of the child is still fragile, so you when you are carrying out the baby ear piercing, you need to observe hygiene. This particularly applies where you are doing it at home. Ensure that every tool o piece of equipment to be used is sterilized so that there are no infections. Some of the tell-tale signs that all is not well include:

  • Bleeding from the point of piercing
  • Reddening of the ear
  • Inflammation
  • Pus
  • Pain

If your child displays any of the above, you should not waste more time; go to the nearest health facility and have the ears checked for possible infection. Once this is dined, have the piercing done at hospital.


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