What piercing should I get


Some useful tips on what piercing should i get

In this contemporary world, many men and women are very interested in getting tattoos and piercing to show their fashion trends. When it comes to the piercing, most of the girls have so much interest than men. There are so many important things to be considered while getting a body piercing. Once you have decided to get trendy look with piercing, first question you have to ask yourself is what piercing should i get and why i get piercing. Everyone has to be clear about these two questions before you are getting piercing at all. Don’t make a decision by the compulsion of someone or your boy friend. If you are really interested in getting piercing in any of your body part, first you have to make a right decision on where to get it and in which design your piercing will be.

Choosing a right type of piercing for you:

Some types of piercings are very normal like a simple stud on the nose and in the side of nostril. Other types of nose studs are like a bone through a middle of the nose which is quite over the top. A few other popular types of piercing preferred by the girls include eyebrow piercing and belly button stud. You don’t have to pierce yourself and don’t allow a friend to do it. It is compulsory to hire a professional to have safe and quick piercing at any of your body part. The piercing professionals are using suitable equipments to do all types of piercing in a right manner. The necessary piercing equipment at the bare minimum include,

  • A stud or ring made of a right metal also in the right measurement
  • A professional hollow piercing needle in the sterile package
  • Saline solution

Selecting right metals for your rings/studs:

When you are choosing studs and rings to pierce on your eyebrow, nose, ears, tongue, belly, or anywhere, you need to choose the best and suitable metals which are safe to your body. In this way, the most suitable metals to choose rings and studs are,

  • Titanium
  • Surgical steel
  • Biocompatible plastic polymers
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Niobium

These metals are highly safe for your body, skin, and overall health. So, it is recommended to choose rings, studs, and any other modern materials only in these types of metals.

Don’t go for the metals like sterling steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver, plated gold, and nickel to buy rings or studs especially for piercing. This is because they are not safe and may cause infection or irritation on your skin. Most of the girls who are new to piercing are confused about what piercing should i get and in which metal. The above mentioned are safe metals to pierce anywhere in your body. Nose, ears, tongue, around lips, eyebrows, and belly piercing are today’s fashion trend among several numbers of girls. You should approach the piercing professional to have safe way of piercing in your body.



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