Unique ear piercings


Unique ear piercings

Ear piercing dates back to ancient history. Numerous cultures around the world practiced this form of body modification for various reasons. Some civilizations viewed it as an art of beautification while others saw it as a ritualistic symbol.Note that piercing was practiced by both men and women. Since then, it has remained as the most popular type of body piercing. Today, piercing is mostly practiced for beautification and fashion purposes.

Almost any part of the ear can be pierced. As a result, people around the world have come up with unique piercings that look both stunning and strange. The ear still remains one of the most pierced part of the body. Before we look at some of the unique ear piercings, it’s important to remember the different parts of the ear. They include the fossa, concha, tragus, antitragus, lobule, helix, antihelix, scapha and antihelical fold. Basically these are the parts which are usually pierced. One unique type of ear piercing is the conch piercing. Conch piercing involves perforation of the ear cartilage. Conch piercings are of two types-inner and outer. Though the inner conch piercing is more popular; the outer one looks just as good. Different types of rings and studs can be worn to give the ear a glamorous look.

Arguably, ear weaving piercing is the most unique ear piercing. It consists of a number of piercings that are connected to each other with the help of a single piece of jewelry. The location is precise and the jewelry adds an enchanting appeal. However, fashion consultants around the globe highly recommend the scaffold piercing because of the coolness quotient. For this, people usually get two perforations made on the upper cartilage. A horizontal wire is then made to pass through both and it connects them. Usually, an earring in the shape of a spear, arrow or long spike is used for this type of piercing, to provide a more dramatic touch to it. It’s a unique style that is totally ideal for women.

The other kind of unique ear piercing is the rook piercing. Rook piercing is highly technical since it is done on two different cartilages. It’s painful to acquire because it is done on the cartilage fold on the upper inner ear. It tends to get inflamed very often, causing a lot of further pain. However, it is highly captivating after it heals and bejeweled with a stud. Another unique ear piercing style is the antihelix piercing.It is the piercing of the adjacent, inner ear counterpart of the helix piercing where the cartilage is not too deep. An earring often leads to a super stylish look antihelix piercing. It’s very popular among youths.

The daith piercing looks horrendous at first sight because it involves a ring which passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. However, it is not as painful as it looks. It looks quite similar to the average tragus piercing due to its position. A daith piercing is a fairly easier piercing to handle compared to a tragus one. Tragus piercing is usually accompanied by a bad irritation but after all the hustle it eventually gives a stunning look.

In conclusion, if you are daring and like to try new things out, it will be worth it to try out some unique ear piercing styles. A unique look makes you stand out from the crowd on top of making you feel good about yourself. With the right knowledge about piercing, you just might nail a completely admirable look.



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