Top-lip piercing


Top-lip piercing

Beauty has many definitions in different cultures and societies and that is why real beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder. Among the so many things that people do to their bodies to enhance their beauty, piercing is a prominent one among them. Different cultures pierce different parts of their bodies ranging from piercing the ears, the tongue, beside the eyes, the nose and now lip piercing is gaining momentum.

Lips can be pierced both at the bottom and at the top, or one of either. Top-lip piercing is the new in thing for both children and the youth, even adults in some instances.

Originally lip piercing began in Africa. It was and still is in some communities a symbol to show that a young man has come of age, has gone for circumcision and can now be considered as an adult.  It was also done as a religious routine whereby it showed some sort of hierarchy indicating who is the senior most religious leader, followed by whom and so forth.

In today’s society, lip piercing is no longer a tradition for the few indigenous African communities but it is now embraced by the modern society. Top-lip piercing has become a modern way of expressing individual style and there are various ways and styles of top-lip piercing. Some of them include;Angel bites piercing; this is whereby, the top-lip is pierced in sucha way that it looks like the pangs of a snake hit the ends of your lips. The two ends of the upper lip are pierced.

Another unique top-lip piercing model is the one called Monroe lip piercing. It is also done on the upper lip, but the only difference is that unlike the angel bites, Monroe is done on the left side of the upper lip and not on both sides. The late Marylyn Monroe had a birth mark on the left side of her lip, and her fans invented this piercing and even named it after her.

 Madonna is another model of lip piercing that is similar to Monroe, the only difference is that Madonna is on the right side of the lip.  There are very beautiful labret studs that are worn after the piercing that will surely enhance the beauty of the lip and make people notice.

Medusa is another model of top-lip piercing that is gaining fame with the individuals who like and appreciate lip piercing. With medusa, the lip is pierced right in the middle of the top-lip. So if you do not want to go either left or right side then medusa is for you.

Canine bites piercing is top-lip piercing whereby both sides of the top-lip are pierced. It is like a combination of Madonna and Monroe models.  So if one is not enough for you then go for canine bites.

It is true that beauty is evolving and some beauty tips that were considered traditional and sacred years back are now free for everyone to try out. So it you love top-lip piercing then go ahead and try one of the models.


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