Top Lip Piercing – The latest Modern Craze


In case you are keen, you will agree and support the fact that lip piercing as it is worn by most people at the moment is not much different from those which were used during the pre-Columbian cultures and communities which are found in south America most of whom were used to piercing their lips. It is equally important to note that this same culture is very common in some African tribes who have for a long time been practicing it as a form of lip decoration. More specifically, they resembled or plates which they put on the lower lip. At the moment however, piercing has become a kind of craze that is mainly identified with the younger bolder generation. Just so you know, top lip piercing is by far one of the most preferred styles at the moment to allow for studs and rings to be worn especially on the upper lip area.

Lip piercing can generally be found anywhere around the region of the lip but not necessarily on the lip itself. The few which are actually positioned on the lips are usually known as horizontal piercings and canine bites. The others are described using specific names depending on the particular position that it assumes on the face. Examples of the most popular top lip piercings include the Monroe piercing which is placed on the upper lip. There is also the Madonna piercing which is found on the opposite side of Monroe.

In addition to all of the above, another very popular top lip piercing is the medusa piercing. It is considered as the real top labret piercing since it appears to go through the center of the upper lip around the philtrum. It runs perpendicular to the body tissues.The piercing is done using labret stud, which can either be done off the center of right at the center. There is another one which can be done right on the upper lip by the crease of the mouth, it is commonly referred to as dahlia piercing.

Another type of piercing is that which can appear on the upper part of the lip. They are sets of upper piercings which can be placed in particular ways on the lower lip. It is also very important to understand the fact that body modification jewelry placed as a set of piercing is usually not the same as medusa. As a matter of fact, they are set in twos most of the time whereas the medusa is simply placed one. Top lip piercing is also referred to using names such as philtrum piercing. It is equally worth noting that there is also the cleft piercing which refers to the area of the cleft which that is indent between the ridges of the upper lip.

Since medusa is the best description of an upper lip piercing, a closer look reveals, a closer look reveals a lot of similarities to labret piercing which is usually placed directly beneath the septum of the nose.



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