Tongue piercing aftercare


Tongue piercing aftercare for quick healing

Tattoos and piercings have become the popular ways of people who want to express their uniqueness among the crowd. Today, piercing has been done on different places such as ears, nose, eyebrow, navel and other parts of the body. Women used to have several piercings on their ears whereas men used to have piercings on eyebrows and nose. Now, both men and women try piercings on different places. Tongue piercing carries more risk than other piercings because an improper placement can cause nerve damage. There are several millions of bacteria present in the mouth. If those bacteria get trapped under the piercing jewel, they can cause infection. This is why people are advised to take Tongue piercing aftercare seriously to prevent complications in mouth.

What people must do after tongue piercing?

Most of the homemade and commercial cleaning solutions can be applied for aftercare to prevent infection.

  • Healthcare providers suggest people to use alcohol free antibacterial or antimicrobial mouth rinses after finishing every meal. They should not use this more than four times a day.
  • People must rinse their mouth for about 30 or 60 seconds with these solutions.
  • Let us see how to make a homemade mouth rinsing solution. You can take ¼ teaspoon of salt that should not contain iodine. Then dissolve the salt in fluid ounces of mild hot water. This is a good solution for getting help in the healing process. You need to use this solution for rinsing the mouth for about 10 or 15 seconds two times a day.
  • Using a clean or new toothbrush after the tongue piercing can avoid introducing bacteria into the mouth. People can buy some soft bristled toothbrush to reach into tougher or small places. To prevent food from disturbing the jewelry, they can use their own fingers to place the food on the molars directly for chewing. They should not forget to wash their hands in an antibacterial solution before placing their fingers in the mouth.

Avoid problems with Tongue piercing aftercare

Pain caused by tongue piercing can last for a month. There are some healing signs that indicate the piercing place is becoming normal. Usually, the tongue swells for about 3 to 5 days after the piercing is done. People can place small ice cubes to reduce the swelling. If you want to avoid severe problems, you need to follow Tongue piercing aftercare procedures seriously. A few temporary changes in the lifestyle can help people in avoiding problems from tongue piercings. They should avoid romantic gestures like kissing and chewing nonfood items like chewing gum and tobacco. It is very important to note that caffeine, alcohol and aspirin can increase swelling, pain and bleeding. Spicy, hot, acidic and salty foods are some of the no-go items that should be avoided by adventurous eaters. A good aftercare can reduce the risk of oral cavity changes. People are advised to use a professional piercer to get the piercing job done perfectly with no flaws and damage in the tongue’s tissue.



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