Tattoo and piercing shops under one roof


Imagine walking into a shop where the piercing and tattoos are offered in just one shop. This is highly feasible especially nowadays since there is rising demand for the tattoo and piercing services. The reasoning is simple: both are aspects of beauty and each one wants to have both in one place without having to change location. Thankfully, there are now tattoo and piecing shops available in different States in America.

What to expect

Once you visit these places you will discover a lot of fascinating things going on there. To begin with, there is the tattoo shop where you will find various tattoo designs and the artists sprawled in the expansive shop. The walls are dotted with various designs for you to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice as you discover new and exciting designs for tattoos. If you do not like any of the designs displayed there, talk to the experts and they will assist you with custom designs for you.

The kind of tattoos that you can have here included the custom, permanent and temporary one’s for you. Personal style, taste and preferences are on the rise as more and more people discover that there is more than meets the eye. Talking to experts helps one to own their eyes and learn about the various designs available.

Piercing on the hand revolves around the use of piercing methods on the various part of the body. For instance, you can have the nose, ear, tongue and the navel piercings. They are done on the respective parts named after them. They match the tattoos and that is why we have the tattoo and piercing shops emerging nowadays.

When it comes to the piercing shops, you should meet a number of qualifications. Age is important for one due to the issue of consent. The consent of the parents is necessary where you are under age, so you may actually need to accompany them there.

The other issue is the choice of the piercing. This is once again influenced by the choice of the body part where the piercing will be done. For instance, the ear needs to have enough cartilage or lobe for the piercing to be done. Those who have less flesh on the navel will also find it difficult to have their favourite piercing done there as this is a pre-condition. In view of the above, one needs to be aware of what it take to have the piercings done.

The types and cost factors

For both the tattoos and piercings, you will find that they require you to be aware of the types available and the cost. These two play an important role as far as the having the is concerned. For instance, you cannot just walk into a tattoo and piercing shops and say that you want a tattoo; you have to be specific. In the same vein, you cannot just have a tattoo. This means that you will first decide what you need.


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