Piercing places


Know the body piercing places

Together with tattoo, piercing is one among the popular ways people use to express themselves. Many people are getting piercing in different places in their body to stay unique in the crowd. Piercings help people in increasing their confidence. Both men and women are interested in getting themselves pierced in different places. Not only the piercings give people a certain image, but they are also spiritually symbolic to few people. Ear piercings are the most popular form, even though people do pierce the lips, tongue and other places in the body as well. Here are some common Piercing places where most people get pierced.

Common piercing places

  • Ears are the most popular and common places where both men and women have their piercings. Even infants and young kids have piercings on their ears with no problem. Piercing on ear is often made in the soft tissues of the lob. It can also be made in the hard cartilage which surrounds the outer ear.
  • Nose piercing is also popular, even though they are not welcomed in work places. Piercings on the nose are done on the outer region of the nostril as well as the septum dividing the nostrils. These piercings may require 6 to 12 weeks of time for healing.
  • Even the eyebrows are used for piercing to be done. Most often the eyebrow piercings are done on the outer edge of eyebrow and it is secured with a ring or barbell.
  • Lips give many piercing opportunities for people. People can pierce the tissue surrounding the lips or the actual lips. Labrets, lip rings and barbells are some kinds of jewelry used by people in lip piercings.
  • Tongue piercing is the most risky and painful piercing. The placement of piercing should be exact to avoid nerve problems. After the piercing is completed, people will find the tongue swelling up for few days.
  • Naval piercing has gained more popularity over the past ten years. They are best to show off when it is worn with swimsuits, crop tops and low riders. Usually, women have this kind of piercing.

There are some people who have the piercings on some uncommon areas such as genitals and nipples. These piercing places are very risky but there are crazy people who dare to these piercings.

Choose the best piercing shop

Once people decide on getting pierced, they have to know where they can go to have the piercings done by the professionals. Ear and nose piercings can be done at local mall. For other kinds of body piercings, they have to meet a specialty piercing shop. There are many tattoo shops offering piercing service as a sideline. No matter where you want to have the piercing, you need to ensure that you have chosen a trained professional or practitioner who practices sterile processes. Once the piercing is done you need to take care of the piercing area very carefully until it is completely healed. Follow the advice and suggestions of the practitioner to stay safe after piercing has done.



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