How to take care of pierced ears


Ears are sensitive especially if you have pierced them. You need to do everything within your means to ensure that they are clean and free from infections. People ask how pierced ears can be taken care of. This article highlights the various ways in which this can be done.

Handling the piercings

There are the starter earrings which need to be removed once the piercing has been done. What is important and worth noting is the fact that these starter earrings should not be removed prior to the healing of the piercing, Many people make this mistake a couple of times and what they end up with are wounds which take time to heal. Wait for at least 6 weeks before you remove the starter earring an especially if you are talking about the ear lobes. The cartilage takes a longer period of time which is y usually 3 months on average. Having this understand if will save you so many problems when it comes to the pierced ears.

 Don’t be too touchy

It is almost impulsive that you find yourself touching the ears to ‘see’ if they have healed. This is highly likely to lead to infection especially if you do not observe high level of hygiene. The anti-bacterial soap is needed to wash the hands before touching them. This will save you from the various infections.

Snagging the earrings

One common problem with earrings is that you could end up snagging them with scarves or hat. They rub against the piercings and this could lead to complications. Ensure that you wear loose fitting clothes.

Another problem is the fact that when you are removing clothes, be careful so that do not snag on the piercings.

Harmful substances

There are several substances which could have an impact on the pierced ears. A sandwich bag made from plastic is important to put on the ears especially when taking a bath as this will greatly protect them from harm.

If you love swimming, then you need to ensure that you clean them using a strong solution that kills harmful micro-organism which is found in the water at the swimming pool. Neglecting the ears after any of the activities could lead to many problems like infections.

Sleeping on the back

The other important thing is how you sleep. In this respect, you will need to sleep on your back and not sideways or on the stomach. The pillowcase is one source of infections hence there is need to make sure that it is disinfected  to prevent the bacteria from entering the ear.A  t-shirt can also be used as a trick to cover the ears. This is particularly important when you want to safeguard the pierced ears from getting infected. Once you have covered the ears using a c lean t-shirt, ensure ah you replace it every night otherwise it could also potentially be a source of infection. The ears should be protected always from infections or damage.


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