Factors affecting tattoo pricing


If you are looking into having a tattoo, then it is important to know about the tattoo pricing. This article will address this issue in detail, meani that you will walk into a tattoo shop well informed.

Nature of the tattoo

Not all the tattoos are the same. Some tattoos are more complex than others, consuming a lot of man hours as the tattoo experts puts it on paper and then transfers it on your skin. If the tattoo takes longer than usual, this will obviously impact on the tattoo pricing. The simple tattoos-some of which are temporary-cost cheaper than the ones than the permanent ones.

Size of the tattoo

How big or small are the tattoos? If you are going to have big tattoo, it means that apart from taking much of the tattooist’s time (and yours too), it will take in more ink and this will impact on the tattoo  pricing. In other words, you will pay more for the big tattoo than the small one.

Location of the tattoo

Are you going to have the tattoo done on the elbow, arm or the stomach? Some parts of the body are more difficult to put the tattoo such as the elbow and neck. The areas are where there are folds and less tissue. The elbow for one is a tricky place for the tattooist to put the tattoo as you want it. Since a lot of work will go into it, you will be charged more for the tattoo. The stomach for instance is an easy one and hence the tattoo pricing does not change so much.

Number of tattoos

Some people simply want more than one tattoo. This makes the price to go up since the tattoo artist will charge you based on the number of tattoos that you require. In this respect, you will be charged by the number of tattoos; the more the tattoos, the higher the cost and vice versa.

Location of the tattoo shop

Another important consideration when it comes to tattoo pricing has got to do with the location of the shop. It means that if the shop is in a, metropolitan area, then the cost will be higher than if the shop is outside town. In this regard, you will be advised to visit a tattoo shop based on the location. If the budget that you have is low, you will need to visit those shops which are located away from towns.

Insurance cover

Unless you have taken an insurance cover, then the pricing will depend on how deep your pockets are. The ones who have taken any form of insurance will be able to save on the cost and as such will not have to shoulder all the expenses incurred toward the cost of the tattoo.


If the shop is offering a discount on the services, then you do not have to worry about the cost since this will be subsidized to suit your budget; otherwise the tattoo pricing will remain in place and you will have to dig deeper.



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