Factors affecting ear piercing types


For those who like the tragus, anti-tagrus, helix piercing, you will find that each of these have a bearing on the choice that you make. Take case of the helix piercing for instance. It is largely influenced by the size of the cartilage, the shape of the ear and nature of the cartilage.

Those people who have well formed cartilage will generally opt for this kind of piercing. Helix piercing is a popular choice for many people because it offers much space for perforations, meaning that you can have several perforations and in them, you can put as many jewerly as the perforations will allow.


This is one of the ear piercing types that are common but its position means that you have to limit the number of perforations and undeniably, the number of the jewerly you can add there. The tragus is not the same as the helix in terms of the position of the ear. In this case, it also has its own inherent advantage in that it   is easy to make perforation on it without as much as worrying about bleeding. The hollow needle will easily go through it. In fact it is perfectly in order to think about the ease of making the piercings as one of the influencers to the ear piercing types.


This is so called be because it is situated on the opposite side of the tagrus.You will come to find that this is also another prominent position on the ear where the piercing is done. It is a small part of the ear where you will find the jewerly sitting pretty on the rerate outer ear is the display area for most of the ear. The piercer is conscious of this fact and this could explain why they come up with exciting and appealing piercings for one to put the jewerly. This basically means that you can make the most of your ear if you know so much about the anatomical differences in our ears.talking about the anatomy of the ears, it is important to know these few details about the ear.

The shapes differs

Despite the fact that the human ear looks almost the same for all people, there are wide variations like size, shape and the appearance. Some people are favoured by certain shapes and ear  piercing types than others. If your ear anatomy does not suit a certain shape or size of the piercing, it will most likely suit the other. This is the universal truth about the piercing.

The ear piercing types should observe the basic tenets of hygiene so that you do not have to suffer from various problems as witnessed after the piercing has been done. In this regard, you will need to be well versed with what needs to be done in respect to your ear and then find the right person to do it.

Lastly, the ear piercing is an art that all of us would appreciate is done the right way and are the right place.


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