Ear Piercing basics


According to reports, ear piercing is one of the oldest practices. In case you are not aware, ear piercing simply refers to the technique of making a fairly small opening on the ears such that anything fashionable that is of equivalent length to the needle’s front used to create the opening can easily fit through. Looking back, piercing was mostly common amongst women; this however has gradually changed since at the moment piercing is being practiced by both men and women.

Common areas of piercing

Some of the most common locations for piercing include the rook, across the helix and the tragus. It is important to understand the fact that the simple term ear piercing is usually used to make reference to an ear lobe piercing while piercings anywhere in the upper or lower parts of the external ear are often referred to as cartilage piercings. Just so you know, cartilage piercings are known to be slightly more complex than earlobe piercings plus they also take a fairly long amount of time to heal. It is important to note that besides simply familiarizing yourself with some of the key areas of ear piercing, you should also be have a detailed and thorough understanding of some of the most appealing ear piercing ideas.

Caring for pierced ears

It goes without say that there is need for proper after acre immediately after ear piercing has been done. More specifically the last thing which you need is germs around your freshly pierced ears. In order to avoid having any germs on your pierced ears, it is strongly advised that you put antibiotic ointment on them. As a matter of fact, whoever will be doing the cleaning should closely follow the aftercare safety guidelines provided for or stipulated by the piercer. Some of the safety tips you can expect you will be required to adhere to include: always keeping your hands clean, always using a cotton swab when applying or better yet rubbing alcohol to the ear lobes and lastly, finding a way to gentle rotate the earring in the ear.


As far as equipments are concerned, it is strongly advised that you only get to use an ear piercing gun or a ear piercing needle to pierce the ear. Just so you know, the gun is recommended for use precisely on the ear lobe of the ear only. On the other hand, the reusable ear piercing gun should never be made to come into contact with the ear. As a matter of fact, all equipments and jewelry set to be used or placed on the ear after the piercing must be properly sterilized. In addition to all of the above, the jewelry should never be handled when loading it into the gun or even inserting it right into the opening using a needle. Disposable cartridges particularly those which sit in the guns are used to hold the jewelry in place for the piercing. Keep in mind, most jewelry pieces would always come already sterilized hence it is important to make sure that they are intact prior to the piercing.

Everything else taken into consideration, in addition to all of the above, you should also keep in mind that having an in-depth understanding of ear piercing ideas is important having made the decision to get your ears pierced.


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