Dangling navel rings


There are various types of navel rings but the dangling navel rings never cease to amaze. They hang like the chandeliers and come in different shapes and sizes. You can go for the simple to the most complicated depending on the depth of your pocket. This guideline will help choose the best dangling navel rings.

Best sellers

Go for those which are the best sellers so that you can make a good selection in terms of prices and quality. There are those who are attracted to the novelty, so you can always go for those that are just in from the designers. The new ones are mostly used to set the trend, if you don’t mind being among the first to sample them.


If need be, you can go for the clearance sale which basically means the stockist wants to finish the old stock and bring new ones. If you want a good bargain, the clearance stock of the dangling navel rings is perhaps you should target and they are many out there.

Choice according to material

Admittedly, you will find that the navel rings are made from varying materials such as steel, acrylic, titanium, bioplast among so many others. What this means is that you will choose based on the type of the material used and the appeal that the material has to you. Of course there are those which are based on the cost since some of the materials are more expensive than others.


Are you motivated by the colour? If so, you will be spoilt by choice because there are many colours for you to sample from. There are such colours such as clear, turquoise, black, blue, green, red among others.


One notable aspect of the dangling navel rings has much to do with the type of the gemstone used to make it. For instance, you will find crystal, diamond, pearl among others. You will thus choose based on the type that has the most appeal to you. In most cases, you will find a personal taste and preference has the most bearing when it comes to   the type.


The theme portrayed by the navel ring has another significant effect on the choice that one will have on you. Some of the themes that you can have include the flower, heart among many others. So, go ahead and have the navel ring that best brings out your chaise of the theme.


Lastly, the price has a major influence on the choice of these rings. In this case, there are those that cost between 0 and $300 while others start from the $300 going on. If your budget allows you, you will be able to choose several of such from the least to the most expensive. The cost of the rings really varies from shop to shop and depending on the guide given above.

If you go online, look for these features and narrow down your searches based on the range. You will surely find what you are looking for. What is important is that you are happy with the result.


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