Dangers of tongue piercings


Although tongue piercings are some of the most popular types of piercings one will find, care need to be exercised. Thru piercings can be done not only in the tongue but lips, uvula or even the cheeks in what is generally referred to as the oral piercings. The following are the consequences of the piercings.

Speech interference                        

One of the most notable aspects of the tongue piercings is the fact that you could have a problem with your speech. What this means basically is that the piercing gets in the way so that your tongue does not roll properly for you to pronounce words well. Such people have slurred speech which could have far reaching effects with continued use of the piercings.


It is telling that you could have a problem with chewing food since you have to chew food. This means you will not be able to chew your food properly as is expected of you. The tongue plays an important function in chewing. You will therefore need to be careful so that you do not end up with chewing problems.

the uvula is the tissue that is found lying on the far end of the throat.It is at the back of the tongue and is usually pierced. This will have an effect on the swallowing because it stands in the way of the food going down the throat.


You will be at risk of infection with tongue piercings especially when you don’t exercise hygiene. The piercing is exposed to various food particles which get trapped by it. Over time, it becomes a source of bacteria. The infections can lead to other problems such as swelling and pain. It is imperative that you get checked by an expert the instance you suspect that you have an infection. This will help treat the condition before it gets out of hand.


Another remarkable effect of the tongue piercings is on the teeth, gum and any dental fillings that you could be wearing. Don’t forget that most of the piercings are metallic in nature. When they get into a forceful contact with the gum, teeth or the fillings, they are bound to cause damage of varying severity.

Sensitivity to metals

In fact it is referred to as hypersensitivity to metals. It means that you will have a heightened reaction to any metal that you come into contact with.

Damage to nerves

Youngman not be aware of this but the tongue piercings will lead to damage to the nerves. This is by virtual of the location of the piercings relative to the nerves. The nerves are all over the mouth where the piercing could easily come into contact with. It is important that one be careful especially in regard to the size of the piercing. It should be small enough to fit somewhere on the tongue so that it does not wander off and touch h some sensitive parts of the mouth where nerves are.



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