Choosing Piercing for guys


If you are guy, you will probably look forward to piercing for guys that has any of the following characteristics. To begin with, it should suit your taste and preference. There will be no point having the piercing if they are not your cup of tea.


Whether you are going for the ear piercing, nose piercing, tongues piercing or navel piercing, you will find that all these piercings will be dependent on whether the anatomical features of these places allow for them. For instance, piercing for guys is almost impossible if you have a sensitive, small or wounded cartilage yet you still want to have the helix piercing on the ear. In the same vein, you will find that having a navel piercing will be difficult if you do not have enough tissue in the same place.


When it comes to the piercing for guys, the cost is one factor which will undeniably affect and influence your choice. For instance, the various piercings available may be way out of reach for most of the guys, meaning that they end up being limited on the cost. If there is one that pretty affordable, this is the one that one will settle for if that is what their finances dictate.

The pain

How painful the piercing is will to a large extent affect the choice of the piercing. Some parts of the body are very painful to pierce and this could have a bearing on the choice that people will make. The more painful it is, the less the number of people will go for it. It  is unlikely that a customer will know if a particular place is painful or not but if they feel it the first time, they may opt for another piercing even if it was not the one initially intended for. In this regard, you should have a talk with the piercer who will shed more light on the piercing and how the pain can be reduced. Ultimately, no pain ,no gain; you will have to compromise one and this could perhaps some having the nerve to try even the painful ones if they feel that they are the best they could have in the circumstance.

Infection rate

If the infection rate is likely to be high on a certain part of the anatomy, you will find that not many people will opt for it. If you are the piercer, you will be very much at home with piercing for guys that is free from infections. The reason why infections become imminent is for instance if the piercing is internal rather than external. It can also be the other way round depending on the experience of the person doing it.

Ultimately, there are many factors which come into play when it comes to the choice of the piercing for guys. Having said that, it is important to put these issues into perspective as discussed above so that you can have the piercings that you need when you need them. This is highly possible.



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