Cartilage Piercing; a Popular Form of Ear Piercing


Looking back, normal ear piercing has been very popular in various civilizations. As a matter of fact, previously, ear piercings were counted on to help hold decorations mostly earing in place. Ear piercing therefore is one of the most common forms of jewelry piercings after rings. Long story short, even though ear piercing has become very fashionable, it has undergone various changes with a lot of emphasis lately being placed on cartilage piercing.

So what exactly is cartilage piercing, it refers to a process in which the cartilage is constructed and focus is not just placed on the skin and the flesh situated around the ear lobes. Just so you know, your joints usually depend cartilage to protect bones from abrasion as they rub together. In case you are not aware, your rib cage contains a lot of cartilage tissue. More specifically, when it comes to the face, it is important to note that the nose is full of cartilage hence the increased preference for this form of piercing.

In order to help you have an even better understanding of cartilage piercing, below are a few things about cartilage piercing which you should carefully consider. First off, it is very important to understand the fact that cartilage piercing is usually more difficult to carry out compared to other forms of piercing. This being the case, special care should be taken when it is being carried out.


it refers to the outer edge of the ear which curls back to form a sound channel which is what usually directs sound into the main part of the middle ear. Most standard helix piercings tend to penetrate the ear once while an industrial piercing would penetrate it twice.


It gets its name from the seashell which it closely resembles. Just so you are aware, it is the central cartilaginous area of the ear and is usually very ear to pierce. In the event that you choose to have conch rings, you should know that they are fairly difficult to match to each other.

The tragus piercing

The tragus simply refers to the triangular nub of cartilage which is close to the cheekbone and is usually situated slightly above the earlobe. You should know that it is usually such a thick piece of cartilage hence likely the reason why it is has become very popular to serve as an alternative to other parts of the ear. It is equally worth noting that it is mostly decorated using barbells, Targus bars and rings.

Pain of Cartilage Piercing

For this particular kind, the pain that is experienced in the process of piercing usually tends to vary depending on the precise location that is being pierced. Keep in mind, even in the event that you do not feel much of the pain during the actual piercing itself, you should expect to experience a lot of pain finally during the healing phase.

Whatever the case, the same way you will put a lot of effort into learning about cartilage piercing, it is strongly advised that you also focus on understanding all there is to know about; cartilage piercing infection. Just so you know, cartilage piercing should always be done using a needle and by a professionally trained and experienced piercer.


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