Body piercing considerations


Whether you are having a piercing, be it ear, noise, lips or above the eyes, then you should be aware of the following salient points.


You should not crowd the adornments or jewellery at one place. If the part of the body is too small, you should be creative a find a way of reducing them so that you can have micro-jewel instead which will bring out the most of the jewels and the adornments.

Size of the body part

The other important aspects of the piercing are the size of the body part. If for instance you are looking for a jewel to put in the anti-tragus of the ear, then it shoals not be too big if the part is smaller for your ear. Ideally, you should be able to match it with the ear size and put into consideration the other adornments like the earrings.


How many piercings should one have in one part of the body? This is an important question because some people tend to think you can have more than the recommended more than one piercing for instance where only one is recommended. The reason could be that not every part of the body is meant to be pierced.Instead, talk to an expert so that you can have a rough idea how many such piercings you can have in one place at any given time.


The other important consideration that you should make is the healing. Once you have a piercing made on the skin, you have created a wound which might take time to heal depending on how well you handle it. It basically means that you should follow the right procedure when treating the wound. For instance, in most of the times, saline solution is used since it kills all the harmful germs which might be found on the wound. Ensure that you clean the wound as many times as it is recommended until you heal completely; otherwise this might affect the healing process by dealing it or getting infections.


There are many types of piercings that one might have. This depends on the part of the body where you want to have them done. In other words, you will only be able to choose the type depending on where you want it done. There are specialists who handle various aspects of the piercings, so you will be assisted to have them professionally done.


It is common to have discomforts in the body especially if the process is not done right. This is because either the jewels are rubbing against the sin, over-burdening it or simply the body is reacting to the metal used to make the adornments or jewels. Some piercings are made using tools which could cause thrash, swelling, inflammation or other side effects. If you are not sure, let the specialists assist you where necessary so that it can be done right with minimum harm.

In conclusion, piercings are necessary if only they are done by someone who understands it.


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