Belly button piercing places to consider


If this question was put right to you on the best belly button piercing places on the body, your tongue will most likely get stuck in the mouth as you will probably be thinking it is just one place. This article will greatly help you when it comes to belly button piercing places to consider.

The belly button kit

One way of going about it is to have a belly button piercing kit for a DIY.This kit will have all that you need to include a needle, clamp, sterile gloves, cotton ball and an ink marker. A mirror will also come in handy.

When carrying out this piercing on your own at home, then you should be careful on your first choice of jewerly should not only be small, it should be thin so that you do not have many problems like hurting yourself as you move, sleep or engage in any other activity.

The location

Is it the navel? Well, the point is that if it is the navel that you have chosen to be your location, they make use of the market ink to have the entry and exit points do the piercings. The jewerly are usually inserted after the piercing has been done. You should be careful with the belly button piercing places so that you don’t end injuring the tissue or skin around the place. The amateurs for instance will find themselves in the direct line of the internal parts which, if not careful, an infection could easily travel to the inside organs at the navel.


It does not matter which part of the body you choose as the belly button piercing places. You will find that in the long run, it is the effort that you put on the hygiene that matters. This basically means before and after handling the belly button, then one needs to wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water. You may also opt to use a disinfectant to clean the wound. Do no keep on touching the navel with dirty hands. Clean, loose clothing is also advisable especially at the navel area because you basically want to ensure that you do not spread infections using the clothes that you are wearing.

Antiseptic and cotton balls from the kit discussed above will come handy when you want to clean the wound so that you heal within a reasonable period of time.

Pinching the fold

If you are intent on piercing the belly button, then you need to be careful when pinching the fold of the skin. To start with, there must be enough fold skin so that   you have enough space for the piercing.

Taut skin

As you prepare to push the needle through, ensure first that the skin is taut so that you can pierce fast and easily. The jewerly will then be easy to thread once you are done with the needle work.

The end of jewerly could easily come out so one should make an effort of fastening it in place.



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