An overview of The Different Types Of Surface Piercing


According to reports, there are thousands off body modification enthusiasts some of whom already have a few surface piercings from earlier on. In case you have been thinking of getting body piercing, it is strongly advised that you take some time and familiarize yourself with some of the basics of body piercing. More specifically, you should focus on familiarizing yourself with the different types of body piercings. Doing so is very important mainly because it would help you figure out exactly which body piercing would suit you the best.

In a bid to help you familiarize yourself even better with body piercings, below is an overview of some of the different types of piercings, they include;

Ear piercing

It is one of the most common of all the different types of surface piercings. Women in particular are known to have been known to have their ear lobes pierced since time immemorial. Today, men are following in suit. It is also worth noting that ear piercing is by far the most acceptable of all the kinds of piercings. As strange as it may sound, there are some people who have as much as six piercings in a single earlobe which they consider to be a fashion statement.

There is also the nose piercings. In most cases, the nose is pierced into two distinct places. The first is the side of the nostril where thee studs are placed and then through the septum where the cartilage that separates both nostrils is pierced through.

Tongue piercing

It is usually done from the upper and the lower surface of the tongue. Take note, when the proper jewelry is used, this kind of piercing is bound to heal real quickly. This is one of the things which makes it extremely appealing.

Nipple piercing

This kind of piercing is usually considered to be very attractive by several enthusiasts in comparison to other types of surface piercings. It is also very important to note that nipple sizes tend to vary from one person to the next. This being the case it may be quite difficult to proceed with this kind of piercing in the event that you have very tiny nipples.

Navel piercing

It is a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in showing off their flat belly. This kind of piercing is considered to be very sexy and attractive particularly on women who have incredibly flat stomachs.

Nape piercing

This kind of piercing is preferred by many modification enthusiasts mainly because it allows them to easily conceal their piercings whenever they feel the need to do so. Just so you know, it is done by piercing the skin right at the base of the neck with the use of barbells.

In addition to all of the above different types of piercings , it is very important to note that regardless of the kind of piercing that you are interested in always make sure that the jewelry that you would like to use after the piercing is high quality and would not bring about any complications after the piercing.


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