A Guide to the Different ear piercing Types


In case you are looking forward to getting any kind of body piercing then there is a host of information about piercing which you should familiarize yourself with. More specifically, for ear piercing, there are several different types of piercing options you should familiarize yourself with in advance before making any final decisions. It is important to understand the fact that at the moment people are piercing their ears in several different places other than the earlobe.

In order to help you understand ear piercing, below is an overview of some of the common ear piercing types, they include;

  1. The scaffold; this is dual piercing that is focused on the cartilage or the rim of the ear and is joined with a single barbell.
  2. Tragus, it is done via a piece of cartilage which sticks out from the ear right in front of the canal.
  3. Anti-tragus piercing – it is done on the raise fold of cartilage just opposite the tragus and above the ear lobe next to the outer portion of the ear.
  4. Conch; – it is piercing done through the large area of the cartilage which makes up the back of the ear.
  5. Daith – it is piercing that is done through the part of the ear that is closest to the ear canal right underneath the rook. It is commonly referred to as the helix or the crux.
  6. Ear lobe piercing; it is one of the most popular and common of all types. It is achieved through the piercing of the fleshy tissue which hangs around the bottom of the ear. This area is most preferred since it received good blood flow plus it is able to heal really quickly.
  7. Pinna piercing; it is done through the piercing of the slim strip of cartilage that is usually closest to the side of the head right at the top of the ear. It is commonly referred to as helix piercing.
  8. Industrial piercing; – it simply refers to double piercing that is achieved through the ears cartilage. The piercing is done on opposite to each other and finally joined using a single barbell piece of jewelry.
  9. Orbital – it involves the piercing of the cartilage right at the top of the ear and usually goes through the same exact area in but in two places.
  10. The industrial via rook – it closely resembles industrial piercing. The only difference is the fact that the piercings go through the rook area of the ear.
  11. The snug – it is piercing that is done above the anti-tragus right between the middle and other outer of the ear rim.

In addition to all of the above about ear piercing types, it is equally worth noting that most traditional piercings are usually done through the cartilage of the ear’s rim helix. Such are usually extravagant and stunning.  You should however beware, there are several different ear piercings suitable for different ear locations only set back being the fact that they may take a long while to properly heal. You should therefore be willing to take all the necessary precautions.



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